Tuesday, October 27, 2009

center of a storm

rumble in the distant skies,
echoing off the spaces,
the window pane knocked with light,
that frequently flashes,
nature at its mighty best,
smiling at the shore,
my singing friend has already left his nest,
to find a better home,
i searched the wooden cupboard,
to find the bottle of wine,
filled my cup with the '120 year old',
made before my father's time,
from my window,i looked at the sea,
sitting on the chair,so calm,
as calm as it would be,
at the center of the storm.


towards me said...

was it a calmness after a big storm?? the feelings in the lines make me to think so :) nice lines! :)

Random What said...

@towards me..not after storm,the center of a storm itself would be really calm...plain geography ;P

towards me said...

center of a storm wud be calm?? and dat being plain geography??? am i missing something here? ;)

Random What said...

btw pressure is at lowest at the center of the storm...ah forget need nt get too technical...basic idea..even something as furious as a storm should be calm in the center...

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