Saturday, September 18, 2010

RaNdOM wHaT- attempts on prose writing

Excerpts from an old college note book:

.....With the ways I think, feel, see, appreciate and enjoy- I had, have and will have a custom made identity, a reflection of self. What life has given, I preserve, to gift. And I don’t get disappointed when my gifts are not accepted by others, cos I do it out of love and not pride. But its when the rejection becomes abusive... fear grows beyond belief...

-AsYluM FrAgMenTS

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Option "D"

A beard, that is trying to grow a face,
A frame, that comfortably fits the mirror,
The shirt had its sleeves rolled up,
Was it Red? Does the color matter anyways?
Black ink pen in the pocket,
Half written book on the table,
I might write with my right,
I turn the pages with my Left,
Radical? Risible? Insane?
Damn! Its option “D”,
Is it me? Or
It is me..........