Tuesday, December 8, 2009


drops of water,exciting the sand;
just the right moment,for time with self;
taking a walk along the wet roads;
to myself - I listen, to myself- I tell;
while walking,happened to spot;
a face,hiding behind a beard;
walking the way,tasting burnt leaves;
he waved, i'm sure we ve never met;
still i waved back,saw in his face- peace;
was it true ? perpetual?
answer partly known;
or partly hidden??? i wish i knew;
is 'mind' something which we don't own?
i realized,its about choice,one has to chose;
and man was never sure;
my choice,
always open;
its still raining here;
and i'm just few steps away;
there lies- my daily dose of cancer !!

Monday, November 30, 2009

EMCEE editions 1.0.0

hey folks,here some of my 'so called' raps which i used to write...and caution:might contain explicit content


Life aint la throwing a die, or calculating probability

Urban chaos, it’s full of twists, 'uncertainty'

As it gets moving up, getting closer to complexity

Think you can git over it…anti-practicality

Standing amidst of commotion and confusion tat keeps rising

My head is gonna split, brainary fission, but am dreams driven

I aint gonna wither, off wit this damn illusion

Chasing ya dreams is neither gamble nor playing games

Of chances, counting on luck and dames of fortunes

Listen boy! No point killing time and wooing ya dame luck...

Damn! Your dame luck. Bi*ch! Wont even giva f**k

Everything might look jus fine, like you are on ta right track…

But you ll learn ta meaning of shit, facing a set back...

Man you gotta keep fighting, life aint tat easy to crack

Keep the journey goin, tats wat am tryna rap….

Damn! I go insane, kickin over ta trace...

Thoughts just get beyond my cranial space…

But I don’t get disheartened by the probs I face…

It’s ta survival of ta fittest, you gotta be on ta race,

Else you are f***ed up, it becomes an unsolvable maze!!!!

Stand for wat you are, tats how you git thru ta base…

Moving up to ta next level, don’t shiver, have no fear!!!!

Man grab ya chance!!!!

It’s now or never!!!!

As time s passing and sands keep flowing!!!

You are supposed to be learning!!!

This is wat I learnt, the ultimate fact!!!!

Boy, you gotta hang on, perseverance is tha act.

Mo-fo s around sayin’ “get off boy! Save ya a**!!”

But I dint give my ear, I ll fight till tha last…..

I just listen to my heart, rest al crap into trash!!!

You can’t hold me back, lika phoenix ll rise from ash…

Dissing and insulting cant have me stopped, I hava heart fa lion..

Strong as a citadel wall, my dream s growing inside…

And its growing fast, its gonna be real

And tha day aint far.

Evolution in progress am getting to tha top...

Realization of dreams, I ll reach tha stars…


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

center of a storm

rumble in the distant skies,
echoing off the spaces,
the window pane knocked with light,
that frequently flashes,
nature at its mighty best,
smiling at the shore,
my singing friend has already left his nest,
to find a better home,
i searched the wooden cupboard,
to find the bottle of wine,
filled my cup with the '120 year old',
made before my father's time,
from my window,i looked at the sea,
sitting on the chair,so calm,
as calm as it would be,
at the center of the storm.